Launching in Phoenix: A New Chapter in Golf

As the sun rises over the picturesque landscapes of Phoenix, Arizona, Tour Time Golf is thrilled to announce our inaugural tournaments at the end of March. This marks not just the beginning of our journey in Phoenix but also the dawn of a new era in competitive golf. Our commitment to providing a seamless, engaging, and rewarding experience for golfers is about to unfold in one of America’s premier golfing destinations.

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A Fresh Addition to the Phoenix Golf Scene

We are bringing something unique to the Phoenix golf community—tournaments that combine the spirit of competition with the joy of golfing, all set in the breathtaking beauty of Arizona's landscapes. Our aim is to make Tour Time Golf a vibrant and exciting part of the local golf scene. With player-verified scores, live leaderboards, and prizes, our events are designed to be fun, fair, and fiercely competitive. As we prepare for our launch, we invite every golfer, from seasoned players to those new to the game, to join us in making history. Together, let's make every swing count and every tournament a story to remember. Join us in Phoenix for the start of something special—where passion meets play, and golfers come to shine.